Let's fly to Bandung, Indonesia
Be a millionaire~LOL
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13 years ago for the 1st flight
This time is not following family
Going with my coursemates and lecturers

Our Airlines


Buckle up
Ready? Let's fly

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I told my mum the meal on the flight is yummy.
She said she never heard anyone ever say so~haha

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The day we arrived our hotel already 12am?
I forgot already~ But for sure it was late.
Still we looked for supper near our hotel~Oh ya, i had remembered!
The dinner the tour guide brought us to dine in are suck and expensive too
So due to hunger~we go jalan-jalan cari makan~haha


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the gas they are using is mini size



The 2nd day~My favorite destination Tangkuban Perahu(p/s: i always cant remember the name well)
Nice scenery, Nice Weather~Amazing and awesome place that you are not gonna missed in your lifetime!
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Finally i know how to put in photos into my blog entries.
mock me if you want~
I wont mind hahaha 


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