From Zero to One.

From nothing to a little bit.


For feel like vomit everytime i consume something.

Until I felt hungry when the time for lunch and dinner is up.

Am I getting used to this?

I guessed so.

Fell depressed once in a while. Feel Like wanna give up.

The tears burst out not just when I felt wronged and accussed. but also touched with the words you told me.

You stand up for me and pointed what I've done wrong.

Life couldnt be always beautiful. But I didn't expected this mess.

I guessed I have totally disspointed you, you and you.

Mama n Papa spent so much time and effort just to pamper me.

Whenever I wanna go home, they get the meals done and fetch me on time.

Before I left home, they wake up and gets me breakfast and send me to the bus stop.

When I got home, i just eat, bath and sleep.

Like an emperor. Felt so bad.

For not performing well. For being such a bad worker. bad daughter.


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