As our big boss Sai Meng has started his working life at Taman Pelangi, we have to find a reason to meet up! Haha.
Although he is from Pahang, but after seeing his recent life, we are guessing sooner or later, he is gonna be more familiar with JB than us! Haha

So, in order to show us as a sincere local host, we decided to do some online search and decided to go Livingroom cafe at Jalan Kuning. :]

Alots of blogger recommended this. 


The not so attractive menu :3


The lovable girls as my model


The roomies who create alots of fun!


Oh my pretty boy Yan Hao 




Group Photo 




I like the interior design and the ambience. But I am very shy to bring my camera and shooting in front of people
So this is the only one photo show the interior design of the cafe.


Cutie pie :D


The group photo took by the waitress. Oh,我就黎肥兜我啊妈都唔认得我啦


I wonder where I got those eye bags when I am totally unemployed now. (which means I sleep a lots LOLOLOLOL)
By the way, Sai Meng praise my hair with color! Happy! hahaha

Although my stubborn hair is too dark to get the color even, never mind la, first try ma 



By the way, got feedback from one of the company which a friend did her internship.

The interview will be held on next Monday. I am panic. But more mixed feeling is uncertainty.

I keep remember my supervisor. Mr. Kevin did treat me very very well. But if I am returning the company, I am not under his supervision anymore.

The office life, I am afraid I can't fit in. But then I feel bad to turn to the other company.

In addition, my dad's tractor is working for the company. 我不是那种可以两面的人,我听到一方的投诉,我会有偏见,我会很想选边站,然后自己想很多,很煎熬。





可是singapore, why you no call me????


老师,你的恩情,我以后有机会一定会报答的 :3


Owh, McD, Petronas, Saleng, Myvi. They make a story. Trembling heart subtle. You shake my world.

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