It's 6 days to Christmas.

Birthday baby.

May you have a blessed one.

I used to thought maybe I can send you a text.

Nah...Forget it.


Tinker Bell.

This is my favorite month : DECEMBER

and Christmas is my favorite festival. 

Believe it or not. I am not a Christian and I have never went to any Christmas party.haha.

But yeay. seriously, I am totally anticipating this festival.

It just made me happy and merry.

The songs.

The decorations.

The ambient.

I wish there will be someday.

I can really celebrate in overseas.

With all the happening people and celebration.

Among my bestie, they are more traditional type. Hahaha.

They rather hang out and enjoyed more during Chinese New Year instead of this. 

Whenever I mentioned I am so in love with Christmas. So happy the day is approaching.

My friends were like "Ohh." Period.

Hahaha. Spoiler you guys!

Other than them, i am not party animal. So I never went to those Chistmas party at the pub or what. haha.

Not my type.

Maybe I should accept the invitation to spend my Christmas at church.

Anyone wants to invite me?


Anyway, maybe is because my birthday was fall on 28th December.

This grew fonder of me to December and Christmas

*Hello, I have waited for 11 months to see my birthday le!haha*

After quite a brief bad day with some unhappy face, let me introduce some of my favorite Christmas songs.

I just want to be happy



All I want for Christmas is you by GLEE cast.
I don't really remember which version I heard it for the very first beginning.

But the ryhtm is very happening :]

Like it much!


12 days of Christmas-Relient K

Okay, sorry I was short of time and present you a rocker style.

Haha, I remembered there is a more lovely version I heard before.

This version is introduced by Joseph was like 2 years ago.

Too much drumming, I was kinda annoyed if I repeated it in a roll. Haha


I don't want a lot for Christmas

There's just one thing I need 

I don't care about the presents 

Underneath the Christmas tree 

I just want you for my own 

More than you could ever know 

Make my wish come true 

All I want for Christmas is you-Mariah Carey

What else?



Cuteness overload

Please Christmas Don't be late =]


So, be good!

For the goodness sake. Haha. Mr Santa knows it all xD


The very first time I heard this song is from a Japanese Drama


In love with this very much with the saddening lyrics.

Even this is a retro style.

Much surprise, this is the best version i am in love with 

WHAM-Last Christmas!

Just remember one of the reason I am so in love with Christmas is because of this movie

Years back then , Channel 5 of Mediacorp will be showing the series of this movie.

Favorite! Hehe

Too bad,  Macaulay Culkin has not produced any more awesome movies like this after quite a while.

All the news I heard about him were negative.

Phew. Light up my childhood. and left me with nothing else to expect huh?

2012-12-19 08.16.28  

my handcraft santa made in the morning heee


Hereafter are amazing photos and pictures about Christmas =]

Snow Globe



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