Many many assignments.

Lots and Lots of projects and events.

My waiting list is very long ahead.

Not just academic extent. Yet. My movies too X)

Love and other Drugs* Anne Hathaway

Beastly* I don't know who is starring, but the trailer attracts my eyesballs XD

New Year Eve *Zac Efron is so hot in his short hair! And his eyes are so charming too 

-But this is waiting list in the cinema. Haven't showing.

And today morning because of the class cancelled. I got myself into another trouble.

Another addiction to the KOREA drama-POSEIDON *Starring Super Junior Choi Si Won~~~haha

Not my top bias, but his cuteness and hotness is undeniable.

No woman can resist his charms.( While i am not actually so certified i am just a half woman huh? X))

Finish the 1st episode because morning class was cancelled. Shit* I was intended to brush up my Korean Language Learning.

I was intended to do my assignments.

Ya. S.H.I.T. haha.

I am happy now. I was happy last few day. Maybe is just the beginning of the new week.

I am not so stressed yet.

I have no much things need to worried about. Hehe.

I am still able to go to sleep before 12am.

I am still able to wake up around 6-7am.

I can do quite well for my test because I did put in my efforts to revise.

Eventhough can't fully scored. Yet, that's what I worth for.

So, I am happy.

I can sweating after jogging.

I can tell myself. Yes, you have passed another that you did not let yourself down.

Although, sometimes. I will still stare at your profile blankly.

I miss you a thousand miles away.Without your acknowledgement.

I am happy to know you. But I know that is inappropriate to tell you.

But I am still happy like a silly bum.

And I wish I will be happy today and tomorrow and everyday in the future.

By the way, is my DEAR Sister's birthday today.

I almost forget and felt bad didnt celebrate in advance with them because we were having holidays last week.

So sorry, but I still adore you two like forever always.

I don't have much friend that shared common interest. Can tease and swear at each other and don't put that in mind.

Happy Happy Birthday Phang Siew n Phang Jee.

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