Cup after cup

I didnt mean it, but after u started, sometime just cant help it. 

Hehe. I never drink this much. I used to hate the smell of beer.

But seems to be after you get used to it. It wasn't that bad. Haha.

Certainly the amount of the beer i drank today is the biggest /highest for my life until now.

Not drunk yet. But for sure i got a RED face. Haha.

With the gangs. Warm welcome uncles. Thanks for the dinner.

After our helpout during the CHinese Lantern Festival for Batu Pahat Summit Square, when they having celebrations.

THey invited us. Have a blast with them. Was warned before by the guys. 

Last year they also keep drinking.

Not much different this year. haha. Just they let go of the drivers.

And we just know where is the limit.

No vomit. But mostly are Red Faces.haha.

Awesome drinker -Siong Yee without any changes after the cupsssssss of beer.

Heng Kwang also the champion of Black Scout.

Gosh, guys are really good drinkers.hahaha.

Ling Bei and Kah Ling also quite well. Just in the end because of the full cup into empty cup.

Kah Ling was quite drunk. Haha.

New and special experience. But i wasnt so sure am i want it again.

Just at least maybe i can still TAHAN abit la. Not such sucks drinker at all XD

Good Night=)

Brand new week ahead. No more slacking.

Pray for a better tomorrow.



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